1. What is First & Lasts?

    • ‘You are the first and last thing on my mind everyday’.

      We believe that every little moment has its own story and everyone deserves to have their story told. We do this through our craft of photography and storytelling by creating heartfelt imagery.

  2. What is First & Lasts style of photography?

    • We have been told that First & Lasts style is documentary wedding photography.

  3. Why you should hire a professional wedding photographer?

    • First & Lasts are the professional photographers for your wedding day, we will allow you to bring back memories on your wedding day through your photos. Great photos don’t happen by accident, a professional photographer will capture your wedding through their trained eye in storytelling, the emotions, the candid images, the love, will all be transformed into beautiful heartfelt images. A professional photographer has the technical skill set to work in any situation, as well as capture the candid, intimate and spontaneous moments as they unfold.

  4. What if your package prices is out of our budget, can we customise packages?

    • We would love to be there for your special day, every package is customisable, but let’s have a chat so we can understand what you’re after so we can work together.

  5. Do we get to meet the photographers before the wedding?

    • You most definitely will, at First & Lasts, everyone receives a consultation before getting started. We believe that you’re not just hiring photographers, but personalities as we will be by your side for the whole day!

  6. Do we have a limit of photographers on our wedding day?

    • There is no limit to how many wedding photographers that will be present at your wedding day. But our team works best with two (2) professional photographers as we both liaise with each other throughout the day, to capture every moment as it unfolds.

  7. What photography gear do we use?

    • We use an arrangement of professional photography gear. Each photographer has two cameras with an assortment of professional lenses and photographer accessories.

  8. How far do we travel for a wedding?

    • We travel in a 30km radius from the Sydney Metropolitan, anything outside of that is charged per KM travelled.

    • Although we are based in Sydney, Australia; we definitely travel for Interstate and International Weddings.

  9. Do you have back up photographers?

    • Yes we do, First & Lasts has a database of photographers that we can utilise for those just in case moments.

  10. How long do we stay on your wedding day?

    • We want to stay for the most important parts of your day, from you Groom and Bride preparations in the morning, your formal ceremony, unwinding during your photoshoot session, up until we party at your reception. The rough timeline of an Australian based wedding is 10 hours, but we can always work around that timing.

  11. What if I’m too awkward in front of the camera?

    • We are too, but this is what we specialise in, our friendly and outgoing nature  blends well with our photography style, this will help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. From the moment we say hello in the morning up until we say goodbye at night, we want you to feel warm and positive with our presence.

  12. Does First & Lasts have a guarantee?

    • First and Lasts have an extensive amount of experience with Professional Wedding Photography, with over 400 weddings photographed collectively we have the experience and the mindset to provide you the piece of mind on your wedding day.

  13. What happens when you ask for a discount?

    • We are always open to all your opinions, let’s have a chat and we can discuss it further.

  14. What happens when your wedding clashes on another wedding?

    • If your wedding clashes on another date previously locked in, we will offer alternatives in order to still work together, from engagement photo sessions, engagement parties, and even post wedding photos.

  15. What happens when the weather is bad on your wedding day?

    • Our team at First & Lasts have extensive experience with shooting through all types of weather conditions. It’s quite surprising, but photographs taken through storms and pouring rain can become one of the highlight images from your Wedding day. Regardless in saying that, we have a policy to always have back-up locations during wet weather.

  16. Formal Family photos, when is the best time?

    • The best time to capture this is right after your ceremony after everyone has said their congratulations. It’s best to capture all immediate family at this time, as friends and extended family can get their photos during the reception.

  17. Can guests take photos at our wedding?

    • Most definitely, although First & Lasts are your sole and official photographers on the day. *Please note* it’s best for you to have an unplugged ceremony, where everyone is to put their smartphones and tablets away, we wouldn’t want a photo of you walking down the aisle with a phone screen covering half the image.

  18. Photoshoot locations, who pays for access?

    • Luckily most photoshoot locations in Sydney are free, but it’s best to double check. If there are payments required to utilise a photoshoot location ithat you (the client) pays for the access months in advance.

  19. Photographers, do we put you on a table with guests or separate you?

    • This is up to you, we can mingle with your guests as the reception unfolds, but if this is not practical, we are more than happy to be seated a “crew” table alongside the other suppliers present during your reception.

  20. Photographers, do we provide meals for you?

    • Yes please, we don’t need the full course, but being fed allows us to continue operating, shooting, and celebrating your wedding.

  21. Can you hold a date for us?

    • Unfortunately we cannot hold a date unless a form of retainer has been paid to lock us in, once that retainer is paid, we are all yours.

  22. When do we meet to finalise our wedding day details?

    • Due to a few factors changing “last minute”, we’d recommend to have your wedding day finalised One (1) month before the official date. From this, First & Lasts can finalise our photography run sheet, so that you will know our timings for you as the day unfolds.

  23. How many photos will we receive after the wedding?

    • We don’t believe that we should cap your wedding day to a number. First & Lasts will provide all images that represent your day the fullest.

  24. How soon after the wedding do we receive our wedding photos?

    • After your wedding has wrapped up, First & Lasts will begin the process of selecting and editing your images. We aim to have a sneak peek available 7 days after your wedding day. After that we will have you wedding images ready for delivery 30 days after your wedding day.

  25. Do we get an album?

    • We offer album packages externally from our package deals, let us know either before or after the wedding if you’d be interested with a wedding album.

  26. Do you backup all the wedding files?

    1. Yes we do, First & Lasts will archive your wedding for 1 year after you receive your images, we will keep both RAW and Edited files for your convenience.

    2. Please note, after the one year period, all files will be removed. Please make sure you have your own archive system for you Wedding Images.


And most importantly, have fun!