The editorials below represent a collective effort between creative team and brand to bring a concept to life. Editorials are spaces where I can play and experiment with ideas and concepts; in many ways, they represent true personal work.

Being able to push my creative limits through developing my editorial work allows me to keep enriching and renewing the work I do with weddings and couples.

Never have we worked with such an incredible team! Their energy, enthusiasm, and love for their work really shows in their final images.
— Claire D.


A luxury couture label in 2001, the brand has since grown to become one of Australia’s leading fashion couturiers, with Joy Morris behind the fashion house, she is considered a master for creating beautiful gowns for her high profile clientele.



Grace Loves Lace is a specialist in unique, free-spirited and timelessly sophisticated luxe wedding dresses handmade from only the finest French & European lace and silks. 



Chantel Lauren spins an edgy line for for the free spirited bride, building the foundation for an unforgettable moment.