Fluffpiece—an idea and concept founded in 2015.


The idea of fluffpiece came from an irony - a fluff piece normally is used to describe the unimportant matters and work that creatives create that is a filler piece, that item of work to post for the sake of posting and for the sake of creating in those moments we aren't quite up to our standard.

Vinh Pham, previously @vinhphams was one of the most featured urban exploration account in Australia. He loves finding inspiration from the city he loves, Sydney, and presents it in a way like you've never seen before. With experience in collaborating and working alongside such brands as Facebook, Hyundai, Tourism Tasmania, Netflix, Buzzfeed, and Universal Studios all in the digital and print space. 

Passionate about great storytelling through compelling stories and content with his work. Vinh aims to grow together as a collective so that we can rise above the noise, flip the tables on its head, and share great work.

"We're all just explorers, looking for treasure."

Vinh Pham, Founder and Photographer