01. About

"You're the first and last thing on my mind everyday."

We are storytellers, based in Sydney, Australia, who share a passion of storytelling and creative documentation of weddings. A duo coming from a background of travel and portraiture work, we love collecting stories amongst the little moments of your special day— people tell us that documentary is the photography style we possess.

Intimacy and storytelling are values that we hold very dearly which is why we make the time to get to know each other before your special day.

If these are values you hold dearly too and you're on the look-out for more than just a photography service, but rather us working together to journey your special day—it'd be an absolute delight to meet you!

It’s at our core to collect stories. I love knowing how they were brought together, what makes them a couple they are today.
— Killian Pham


Everyone has been to a wedding at least once (many for us!) and we all know when certain things will happen, what to expect, and what traditions are in place. So that's where we come in and things are a bit different—we don't just provide coverage, but creatively work with you to narrate your day together (after all we're by your side the whole day!).

We believe in simplicity and not over-complicating things and that's why our packages are simple—you choose the type of coverage you want and what you'd like to include.

We work closely with 35 couples per year, across Australia and Internationally—contact us below to enquire about our packages for your day of celebration. We deliver full high resolution images for you in colour and black and white, all fully edited, and ready to be shared online or for print.

Noel & Killian were absolutely amazing and we could not imagine our wedding day without you guys there! You helped to keep us calm and made the photos so fun!
— Michael & Michelle M.
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03. Couples

A wedding can be a whirlwind of guests, bouquet tosses and gifts; a celebration with many. A shoot before the big day helps you to find each other in front of the camera, before the eyes (and spotlight) are all turned on you.

So this shoot is all about the two of you—personal, calm and intimate (and you get to choose where it happens!). It’s the space to be yourself, to be relaxed and to capture the sparks, quirks and smiles that make your relationship shine.

Just the two of you, to remember why you’re on this incredible journey together.

The session starts from $800, and includes all the images, all fully edited and in full high resolution.

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04. Contact Us

To get in touch, ask any questions,  view our packages or would like to schedule in an appointment, please fill out the form down below to connect.

We're available internationally & Australia wide.

We'd love to hear your story, where you will be, and when. Speak soon!